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Our team at Pesek Law recently attended the Barrister’s Ball in support of the Nebraska State Bar Association, where attorney Ross Pesek was recognized with the 2023 Visionary Award. Leer más

We’re proud of our summer intern, Mairan Rodriguez, for highlighting the importance of accessible legal advice for all at her Capstone presentation this past weekend. Leer más

The Prairie Barrister – The Mountain

“No more thieves I believe in the goodness of heart;
It’s return, let it burn, let ’em know who we are;
An ancient tribe of the sky, the redeemer of men;
Sound the song, evil gone, there’s no need to defend.”
Trevor Hall – The Mountain. Leer más

Celebrating a Decade of Empowering Immigrant Students: True Potential’s 10-Year Celebration and Fundraiser


True Potential recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a successful fundraising event that raised an impressive $38,856. Leer más

The annual Spring Planting Day on S 24th Street was a successful event that brought together over 45 volunteers of all ages and walks of life. With the support of our partners, the Nebraska Arboretum and Master Gardeners, we joined forces to transform the commercial corridor into a lively and colorful space. Leer más

We are honored to share that attorney Alejandra Ayotitla recently spoke at the Define American Banquet, where she shared her inspiring journey as a Dreamer and advocate for the immigrant community. Alejandra discussed her struggles and perseverance in accessing higher education, and how she was able to overcome obstacles in order to achieve her dreams. Leer más

In Nebraska when you are hurt on the job, you have a right to choose your own doctor. This is one of the most important rights you can exercise to ensure that you receive the treatment you need.


If your employer tells you right after you are injured that you have a right to choose a doctor to treat your injury, then you must choose a doctor who has treated you or an immediate family member in the past. Once the doctor is chosen under this scenario, that doctor can make referrals for testing and to specialists and those are considered to be within the chain of referral and should be paid if they are related to the injury. However, if you want to change doctors, you either have to get the insurance company to agree or go to the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court to approve a change. If you go to a new doctor (outside of the referral given by the original doctor) on your own, the insurance company may not have to pay the bill even if it is related. Leer más

If the undocumented immigrant plaintiff had an elementary education and speaks no English in Omaha, Nebraska, then isn’t their physical health extremely valuable? Brutal honesty about undisputed facts can help the jurors weigh damage and balance the scales of justice Leer más

When it comes to choosing your car insurance it is important to know the different types of coverage. There are five common types: Leer más

Congratulations to our founding partner, Ross Pesek for being recognized as the Latino Ally of the
year by the Metro Young Latino Professionals Association (MYLPA) on September 10th. Leer más

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