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The Prairie Barrister – The Mountain “No more thieves I believe in the goodness of heart; It’s return, let it burn, let ’em know who we are; An ancient tribe of the sky, the redeemer of men; Sound the song, evil gone, there’s no need to defend.” Trevor Hall – The Mountain.

If the undocumented immigrant plaintiff had an elementary education and speaks no English in Omaha, Nebraska, then isn’t their physical health extremely valuable? Brutal honesty about undisputed facts can help the jurors weigh damage and balance the scales of justice

By Ross Pesek The Prairie Barrister sat, dejected on a wooden bench in the majestic halls of a county courthouse in a region most simply fly over. The Prairie Barrister sensed another decision that would cause pain and misery was in the air. The Prairie Barrister lamented in his heart,

By Ross Richard Pesek In Memory of Richard “Rich” Pesek August 19, 1941 – July 1, 2020. An original “South Omaha Boy” and legendary grandfather.

By Ross Pesek According to Mexican legend, the hummingbird is associated with the spirit of the impeccable warrior and the Aztec God “Huitzilopochtli.”

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